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to charity. anonymous says it will wreak plenty more havoc throughout the week. >>> and police in texas are trying to piece together a family history after a man dressed in a santa costume shot six of his relatives before turning the gun on himself. police in grapevine just outside ft. worth say the shooter showed up in costume christmas morning as family members were opening presents. a few minutes later people in the complex reported hearing gunfire. police found the bodies of four women, two men, and a teenage boy inside. >>> a robber in north carolina hoping to steal some cold hard cash got knocked out cold instead. the man walked into a we buy gold store in hendersonville just before closing on friday wearing that hoody and bandanna. then he flashed a gun. he came behind the counter and demanded some money, but as he went to take the cash, the clerk pow, he sucker punched and knocked him out unconscious. >> instead of putting it right into the bag, i stuck it out here and said, just take it, just cake take it. when he reached out, i took a step in. i cocked back and preloaded and h
stores. a mother in texas said she was harassed for nursing her baby in the target store. we spoke to one woman at a target in sterling, virginia, who wanted to show her support. it's a hard thing nursing a baby. it's incredibly difficult. we do it with friends who don't approve, with friends who doecht understand. i don't want people looking at me cross eyed when i'm feeding my baby next to someone using a bottle approximately. >> a target spokesperson said they have a policy of allowing women to nurse anywhere in the store. >>> maryland will receive more than $28 million to help provide more children with health care coverage. they're one of 23 states who received the bonus payment for helping improve access to medicaid and the children's health insurance program. this is the second year maryland has received the bonus. >>> a prime piece of roadway in georgetown will soon be up for sale. developers around the country will soon be able to place their bids on this building, the west heating plant near the water front. the federal government decided to sell the building since it has outliv
returned. comet and dancer got loose on an interstate highway in webster, texas. >> there's two loose reindeer on the highway. >> yes, sir. >> there's a guy approaching them right now. >> older man with a beard? >> no. >> i'm really not being funny. i swear i'm not. >> a man named santa joe, look at him, owns a petting zoo. he says he was taking the reindeer to school for a show and tell when the animals escaped. he says he forgot to lock the door on the trailer. santa joe says he called police as soon as the animals took off. the reindeer were eventually caught, and no one was injured. thank goodness they weren't found on somebody's roof. >> who knew reindeer could live in texas. i thought it was a cold weather kind of thing. >> they're probably not very happy. they want to get back to the north pole, i'm sure. >> santa joe. what a great story. >> what a great name. >> it's a great name. terrific. 4:55. coming up, the donation left in one of those red kettles that will surely give someone a very [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can
, and all the way up through our region and out to new england. they're getting snow in parts of texas, oklahoma, into missouri and illinois this morning. and the close-up view of the radar showing a batch of light rain across northern virginia, east and west virginia, the district, and much of maryland advancing southwest to northeast. that will be with us here for the next few hours. actually may get a bit of a break in another hour or so. right now it is mild ahead of that cold front that's off to our west. it's in the 50s for the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. mid and upper 50s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties. sunrise at 7:12. throughout the day, occasional showers. should be mild upper 50s to low 60s through the rest of the daylight hours. overnight tonight, mostly mild with rain on the way. could be snow in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. don't look at me like that. >> tom kierein, you said it. >> stay tuned. >> thank you, tom. >>> today is sentencing day for former prince george's county executive jack johnson. johns
, virginia. their unit is a detachment from a command at lackland air force base in texas. several military commanders, military wives and widows say they are extremely offended by the photo. air force commanders are trying to figure out if it photo violates any rules or if it was just taken in poor tales. >>> the marketing officers for the travel website has pulled its ad and says he watched the first two episodes and thought it was bad. lowes pulled its ads from the the tlc show all american muslim an after evangelical group claimed the show was muslim propaganda. the first television interview with casey anthony will reportedly cost backside 750,000. that's what a producer is trying to get for anthony's first interview since being acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. casey anthony is currently somewhere in the state of florida serving probation for an unrelated check and fraud case. >>> penn state has announced it has received the largest donation since the child sex abuse scandal arrived last month. an anonymous doran donor gave $10 million to the engineering school.
labor unions are furious with the texas governor saying federal employees help out his state in many ways including border patrol and workers in veterans hospitals. >>> according to a new poll out this morning, gingerich now leads former governor mitt romney in iowa by a wide margin, 32% to 19%. he also now leads the president amongst likely voters with 45% compared to 43% for president obama. just last week, the president led gingerich by 6%. romney, however, still holds an advantage in new hampshire, 10 points ahead of gingerich. >>> a heads up if you work downtown. your commute home could be rough this evening because of the national christmas tree lighting ceremony. thousands of spectators are expected to watch as president obama lights the tree of the ellipse. now, if you have tickets for today's event, the gates open at 3:00 this afternoon. you must be in your seat or in the standing room area by 4:30. the lighting does mean several road closures. 15th street will be closed to traffic between east street and pennsylvania avenue and constitution avenue starting@around 4:15 this
today at target stores in at least 35 states. it all stems from an incident last month in texas. a woman was breast-feeding her son in what she says was a remote area of the store when employees asked her to move to a fitting room. a company spokesperson says target has apologized to the mother, but that has not stopped the nurse-in from getting 4,000 members on its facebook page. >>> occupy d.c. is planning the launch of pop-up art gallery this week. the main gallery will be at the encampment in mcpherson square. organizers say the plan is to put up several art galleries around the city starting on friday. this comes as protesters around the country are on their way to the district to attend occupy congress on january 17th. the protest is being signed with the start of the 2012 legislative session for congress. >>> the american red cross is asking for help after an unprecedented year of disasters. that's according to wtop. the red cross provided relief for 137 major incidents around the country this year. that includes hurricane irene, tropical storm lee, and the deadly tornadoes in the
has been scheduled for january 13th in texas. governor rick perry's lawsuit against the state. the suit was filed tuesday. perry had tried to file an emergency motion to stop the state from printing ballots without his name on it, but a judge denied it. perry argues that virginia's ballot requirements are, quote, overly burdensome and unconstitutional. and that they prevented him from collecting the necessary signatures. >>> 4:35 now. mitt romney, on the other hand, is now focusing his attention on the iowa caucuses after practically ignoring the state for most of his campaign. romney, who has stayed away from iowa until now has been storming the state. the change in strategy comes with rising poll numbers, placing him as the front-runner in the first contest in the country. and now romney is claiming that iowans may ultimately determine who wins the nomination. >> so look at the candidates, decide who you like, and decide who also can become president and can lead the country at a time of challenge. >> ron paul is likely to challenge romney for first, but rick santorum has su
in texas, but not a runaway golf cart. this was the scene at cowboys stadium right after a high school football game. you can see the electric cart didn't have a driver. it was motoring itself down the field. for some reason the cart took off suddenly from the end zone plowing into a cluster of people at midfield. several people were injured, including the winning high school football coach. it's unclear what caused that cart to malfunction. >>> we have a traffic alert for you this morning. expect some slow going in northeast washington if you travel along benning road. ddot is beginning the final phase of construction work in the center of the street. that's between 39th and 42nd streets northeast. crews will be stripping the road's surface so it can be repaved. traffic is going to move single file along the sidewalks on both sides. ddot hopes to have the project finished by mid-february. >>> another potential problems for drivers is broad branch road in northwest washington. they're closing it between ridge road and brandywine northwest to repair a culvert that collapsed over soap st
, but they want to add the provision that builds the keystone pipeline from canada to texas. the president has said he'll veto that bill no matter what. >>> only newt gingrich and rick santorum will take part in a debate moderated by donald trump. rick perry and michele bachmann have joined others in declining the debate. several republicans have urged all candidates to skip it over reports it will be a media circus and distraction from important issues. all candidates will take place in tomorrow night's debate in iowa. >>> with the run-up to the iowa caucus four weeks away, romney supporters are launching a new tv ad aimed at front-runner newt gingrich. >> why is this man smiling? because his plan is working. brutally attack mitt romney and hope newt gingrich is his opponent. >> the tv ad says gingrich has a ton of baggage that president obama will use to his advantage. goes on to remind voters as gingrich's past as speaker of the house and his 30 years in washington. it's paid for by the political action committee called restore our future. >>> give yourself a little extra time if you plan t
group that helped look for caylee anthony is now joining the search for a missing florida mother. texas based equisearch, a mounted search and rescue team, has joined volunteers looking for michelle parker near lake eleanor where her cell phone signal was detected. parker went missing the same day she appears on a people's court television show. coworkers held a fund-raiser last night to help raise money for her twin children and to support the church. >>> jerry sandusky's lawyer says he hasn't discussed pleading guilty with his client. joe amendola says the former penn state football coach still maintains he's innocent of the charges against him. amendola said he'd consider, quote, possible alternatives with sandusky if more boys appear than are covered in the indictment. >>> firefighters in one prince george's community are chipping in to help a family that lost three loved ones over the weekend. a donation drive was held at the lewisdale elementary school on wednesday night. earl monroe was the lone survivor of a friday on sunday morning sparked by an overloaded power strip. her sist
at an apartment near dallas, texas, leaves seven people dead. police got a call regarding gunshots. when they entered the apartment, they found four females and three males shot dead. the family ranged from 18 to 63 years old. the family had just finished opening presents before the shooting. they're saying the shooter is among the dead, calling it a murder/suicide. >>> and this is a cell phone video of a house fire in stamford, connecticut. five members of a family died in this fire. 7-year-old twin girls, a 10-year-old girl, and their grandparents did not make it out of the house after the early morning fire. firefighters tried several times to rescue them but were pushed back by the intense heat of the flames. the children's mother and a family friend were able to make it out of the house. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> now to breaking news in iraq, an explosion has killed seven people in baghdad. iraqi officials say a suicide bomber has detonated a car bomb at a checkpoint. it happened at the entryway to the interior ministry in baghdad during the morning rush. fiv
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12